It's now begin

My final semester is now begin.
Start with tutorial, assignment, grouping task, quizzes and so on.
Then midterm on July and the final exam may be on September.

This semester i took 6 subjects.
6 subjects to cover for only 14 weeks.
1 subject may consist of 8 to 14 chapter.
Ohhh my.....sooo busy..isn't??
then plus with assignment and project paper for each subjects. Waaaaa...

Then i will busy with my internship next semester, need to find a company to do the intern.
Go to the company, sent verification letter to company, update the resume and having interview maybe.

So it will less time to enjoy.
BUT, i will try my best to divide my time with study and blogging and enjoying my life with my friends here.
this is my last semester here, feel so happy, but in the same time i feel sad too.
hurmm...hoping for everything will go smooth and clearrr....Amin =)

The most importance is grad with a good result to make my family proud of me. That is my dream.
Pray for me okay...Amin.
I also pray for all of you to be successful in what ever you are doing right now...Amin.

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