Setiap Ujian Itu Pasti Ada Hikmahnya

Bacalah selalu 
"La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz zalimin" 
kerana kalimah ini memiliki 


Dah wt dh bloglist n page exchange banner....

xde syarat pu klu nk msuk dlm bloglist n exchange banner ng sy..
saja2 je nk buat..lh tmbah kenalan..

have a nice day everyone...


bloglist...rasa cm nk buat bloglist je kt blog ni..
sapa nk ada dlm bloglist sy???
blog sy ni xde laa hebat plus famos sgt...
tapi bloglist tu kdg2 dpt bantu up-kan followerzz ng readerzz kn?
so ada sapa2 nk msuk dlm list bloglistzz sy, komen n tinggalkn link blog anda kt sni k..

sy nk tambah page jugak..
page tuk letak banner2 bloggerzz...
blh kita tkar2 banner kn...

p/s:: tetibe rs nk buat sbb tgk blog sy ada dlm bloglist kt blog mizayusof. TQ kpd pemilik blog...=)

Amin...Ya Rabbal A'lamin...

Ya Illahi...Satukanlah Kami...
Ya Allah..permudahkanlah urusan kami...
Untuk menjadikan hubungan kami menjadi hubungan yang engkau redhai...
Bukan hubungan yang engkau murkai...
Jodohkan lah kami Ya Allah..,
Menjadi pasangan yang Sah...
Jodohkan kami didunia dan akhirat juga...
Kami ingin mendapatkan redhamu...
Kami ingin menyempurnakan sunnah kekasihMu Rasulullah S.A.W...
Kami ingin mendapatkn Rahmat dariMu dan Syafaat dari KekasihMu Rasullullah. S.A.W...
Permudahkanlah Ya Allah...
Hanya engkau Yang Maha Mendngar doa hamba2Nya..
Amin Amin Amin...Ya Rabbal A'lamin..

Ɩт'ƨ иσт ɢσσ∂вʏɛ

And what if I never kiss your lips again 
Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace
How would I ever go on
Without you there's no place to belong

Well someday love is gonna lead you back to me
But 'til it does I'll have an empty heart
So I'll just have to believe
Somewhere out there you thinking of me

Until the day I'll let you go
Until we say our next hello
It's not goodbye
'Til I see you again
I'll be right here remembering when
And if time is on our side
There will be no tears to cry
On down the road
There is one thing I can't deny
It's not goodbye

You think I'd be strong enough to make it through
And rise above when the rain falls down 
But it's so hard to be strong 
When you've been missing somebody so long

It's just a matter of time I'm sure 
But time takes time and I can't hold on 
So won't you try as hard as you can 
To put my broken heart together again